INDIANHEAD Going International With Radio Play!

From the UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., the INDIANHEAD revolution continues!! Tune into the following stations to get your fill and if your local station isn’t spinning it, then please, call in and request it!


–   Germany – DJ Dirk – Rock and Metal Radio Nordhessen

Pure Sound Radio – Gemany –

ARFM Radio London – UK – 

Metal Mayhem Radio – UK –

Forest FM – UK

KRCK Kraverock – New Zealand (broadcast on 6 FM stations)

KAOS FM 87.8 – New Zealand

France – Radio Coteaux – (broadcast on 4 FM stations)

Pure Rock Fury MMH radio – UK

US Radio Airplay

–   97.9 Underground Baltimore Md.

–   KSOI – FM 99.1 Ohio

–   Rock Rage Radio – Ohio

–   97X – Panama City Florida