INDIANHEAD is a hardrock trio from Baltimore, MD founded in 2016 by Grant Walker, Ellis Tinsley, and Chris Weal.  With over 15 years of experience spanning coast to coast in the U.S., INDIANHEAD brings a familiar Baltimore hardrock/punk/metal sound mixed with a gritty southern rock attitude.

Lead singer and guitarist Grant Walker has lived more in one lifetime than most can do in four, taking a trusted dog and his old Les Paul coast to coast, collecting dusty tales along the road trip and leaving behind memories for others to share. He sings clearly the pains and joys of everyday life experienced by all of us, re-framing tales as if you’re watching a movie, and if the mood hits he won’t hesitate to growl back at the dusty road behind. His motorcycle wouldn’t want it any other way.  The bass guitar duty is taken up by Ellis Tinsley, a Baltimore, MD based musician with an equal track record. The thick rumble of the bass mixed with effects that would make a guitarist blush rides steadily locked to the solid drumming of Chris Weal, a musician and audio engineer who has traveled the globe with professional musicians as well as television production companies.

The INDIANHEAD story so far involves years of development driven by a wealth of experience, DIY grit, and connections the bandmates have made along the way. Although INDIANHEAD is the latest project for these musicians, the boys are no strangers to large festivals such as HFStival, DC101 Chili Cook-Off, NEXTIVAL, and the Frozen Harbor Fest. Some of their favorite venue experiences include 9:30CLUB, 8x10 Club, the Knitting Factory, Capital Ballroom, Club Dream, The Roxy, Key Club, House of Blues San Diego, Solana Beach, Brick by Brick, Whiskey-a-Go-Go, and the Viper Room.