INDIANHEAD team up with ROH Wrestling, compose theme music for pro wrestlers

Killer news from INDIANHEAD this week.

A few months ago, an opportunity with Ring of Honor Wrestling (ROH) came up. INDIANHEAD was asked to compose an entrance theme song for one of their professional wrestlers, Jeff Cobb . So we knocked it out!

The song will debut on Oct 20th… TONIGHT. If you are in the Maryland area, you can find the television show on FOX45 or the CW.  The event will rerun on TESN on Sundays.

If you enjoy wrestling entertainment, now you have yet another reason to support Jeff Cobb! Go check out some of his videos on YouTube. There’s a reason they call him Mr Athletic. He’s a beast!

10 Replies to “INDIANHEAD team up with ROH Wrestling, compose theme music for pro wrestlers”

  1. Hi I am a big fan of professional wrestling and I came across snippet of your song the chosen. When is the full version of the song coming out. Thanks in advance.

    1. It is not currently available for download. We are aware of a growing interest of the songs we’ve done for ROH Wrestling though and we are considering some options to make it available soon!

      1. I appreciate your the music but how long must we wait for the theme song to be available

        1. The two ROH songs written by INDIANHEAD are available HERE on the USB beer openers as a bonus with the album “Songs From The Deluge”.

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