Album Review of ‘Songs From The Deluge’ by Australia based Rock Pit

Reviews of INDIANHEAD’s debut album ‘Songs from the Deluge’ are rolling in.

Mark at the Rock Pit writes, “ These guys can certainly play, the production is good and whilst the mood here is definitely downcast there is plenty of variety on display. On one level you can tell that Alice in Chains and Soundgarden and Clutch are big influences on these guys and vocally we’re certainly right in there with that wonderful company, but its that Bluesy edge that really spins things. I love the feel of ‘Swamp’ probably my favourite here or maybe it’s the infectious groove of ‘Slackjaw Suzie’. One things for sure with 13 tracks and not a dud in sight Indianhead may just be one to watch.Great debut.

Check out the full review from the Rock Pit in Australia.